Jungian Psychology

Sarah is the only certified Jungian analyst in Berkshire County, where she has been in private practice in Great Barrington since 1990.

Sarah works directly with images and imagination to deepen meaning and enliven everyday life, reorienting us toward the Self, psyche, or soul.

Sarah is experienced in treating depression, anxiety, trauma, addictive behaviors, creative and work blocks, spiritual and life crises, and self-esteem issues.

What Is Jungian Analysis and Psychotherapy?

Jungian psychoanalysis and psychotherapy focusses on the whole person, not just cognitions and behaviors: the body and soul as well as the mind, the unconscious as well as consciousness or ego. The unconscious or psyche expresses itself in dreams, both waking and sleeping, as well as images, symptoms and synchronicities [meaningful coincidences]. An exploration of the unconscious brings new perspective and an enlarged and enlivened sense of self.

What is the Difference Between Analysis and Psychotherapy?

Analysis tends to go deeper, and sometimes, though not always, involves more frequent sessions [twice a week instead of once].

Who was Jung?

Jungian Psychology (also referred to as Analytic or Depth Psychology) was developed by the Swiss psychologist C.G.Jung [1875- 1961], who was one of the pioneers of psychoanalysis. Initially Freud's colleague and chosen successor, Jung went on to develop his own form of psychology. A fearless explorer of the unconscious, Jung was the first psychologist to discover its collective aspect. He formulated the concepts of the shadow and the archetypes; he was also the first to study alchemy and recognize its relevance to the practice of psychotherapy.

Who Can Benefit?

Many individuals, ranging in age from 18- 80, have benefited from the various techniques which Sarah combines with Jungian and Archetypal psychology.

Sarah specializes in working with artists and those wanting to begin or deepen a creative endeavor, mothers, young adults, GBLTQIA individuals and couples, and anyone wanting to better understand themselves and their dreams, waking or sleeping.